How exactly do you prepare for the SAT? Good question!

We have been helping students raise their scores 100 to over 500 points. We can help you, too!

Yes, there IS homework. We recommend the students spend 30 to 60 minutes each day working on their SAT self-study. We help students quickly target and eliminate their weaknesses rather than waste time on things they already know how to do. Preparing for the SAT is like training for a marathon; it requires hard work. But the reward for all that work can be huge! Honestly, a bare minimum is 3-5 hours of homework per week if you really want to improve your score.
There is no substitute for practical experience. You can't train for a marathon without doing a fair amount of regular running. That is why we offer several SAT "practice" exams to aid in preparing for the actual exam.  These practice exams are an invaluable source of useful data, showing students strengths and importantly pointing out any weaknesses. We then work to overcome these as we prepare the students for the real deal.
Our two-hour weekly sessions teach you how the SAT is structured, show you successful test-taking strategies, and how to maximize your score. The SAT measures Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. We provide and work out of three leading SAT books to give students plenty of resources and lots of practice. We help each student identify and overcome their weaknesses and then methodically teach them how to attack and beat the test.

Full SAT Practice Exams