Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for the SAT will require work on each student's part. Like all training and learning, repetition is required for those talents and skills to be mastered.You want these to become of second-nature to you. It is wise to do your research and be sure you are headed down the right path. These payoffs from improved SAT scores can be huge, but you must work hard if you want to achieve them. If someone tells you that they have a shortcut or that you can raise your scores with little time or effort, do NOT believe them. Although the SAT exam is very predictable and CAN be mastered, to do so takes considerable time and effort. We kindly ask that you are certain this is something your child wants to do, and not just something that you, as their parent, want them to do.

What exactly is the SAT?

This is definitely an important test for college-bound students.  You should learn as much as you can about it. Here are some key pages where you can learn as much as you want to know.  *clickable links below to more info*

  • College Board ​- FAQ's from the actual makers and proctors of the SAT exam.

  • Wikipedia - general info, Wiki-style

  • Khan Academy- superb explanations of the College Board math practice tests. See the actual problems and how they are solved.  

Can I actually raise my scores?

YES.  Students that are willing to work at it generally raise their scores anywhere between 100 and 400 points.  This system has been in place and achieving success for over 20 years. It is a proven system that works with every student on every test. We know how to help you raise your scores. You can do it, and we will help get you the score you need for scholarships and college admissions. Our average score increase is about 150 to 250 points, but we had as much as 500 point increases! In order to get a greater score increase, student simply have to work harder and get smarter at it. Just coming to a few classes is not enough. And, sadly, homework is vital to your improved score!!!

Is an SAT Prep class worth the money?


Higher SAT scores will result in more college opportunities and greater likelihood of scholarships...Period! Having said that, much depends on what your current score is, what your target score is, and where you want to attend school. While you might already have a score that's good enough for your situation, most students will benefit from a higher score.  Some colleges offer scholarships strictly based on GPA and SAT scores while others take a more overall approach, looking at community involvement, GPA, and leadership. You are wise to spend time researching the SAT scores and GPA levels that your preferred college requires during the sophomore or junior year so you know what target you are aiming at. We provide this service for students who take our class. Typically, raising/increasing your SAT score will directly result in an incredible return for a comparatively small investment.

I can't attend every class because of my active schedule.  Can I still take the class?

Yes. We want you to attend as many claases as you are able to in order to get the full breadth and maximum benefit of the course, but we will be flexible to accommodate your busy schedule. The world is full of busy people, especially high-achieving ones. You pay only for the classes you attend, and each class you attend will definitely help you improve your overall score. If you want the high end of the score increase, you will need to be diligent in class and especially in doing your SAT homework. It doesn't just happen without some hard work on your part!

Why is your course so long? Isn't there an easier way?

We firmly believe that preparing for the SAT takes a significant amount of effort to achieve maximum benefit. If there were a shortcut, we would take it and teach it that way. But the SAT is a well-written and exhausting test of a student's reasoning ability. It does not test ALL of what they learned or know from high school, but instead focuses on a student's "ability to reason" through concepts and situations. It takes time to understand these new things, to practice and learn new test taking strategies, and to develop the stamina and rhythm necessary to be successful on the actual SAT exam. Students who commit themselves to the process and are "all in" reap HUGE rewards!!$$!!

Why should I even care about the SAT?
TRUE STORY:  Two young men in one class collected over $240,000 in scholarships by raising their SAT scores a small amount. For one, an improvement of 70 points (from a 1330 to a 1400) meant a $20,000 per year scholarship. 70 points = $80,000.  For another, an improvement of 110 points made him eligible for a full athletic scholarship. If his SAT had not improved, he would have forfeited a $160,000 scholarship. 

In addition, nearly all colleges base admission partly on SAT scores. If your SAT scores don't meet their criteria, you don't get in. The truth is that good preparation for the SAT is one of the most valuable things a student will ever do and the best dollars a parent can spend for the highest college return.

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If you have more questions, please call/text me at 509-995-2433 or email at We would be happy to discuss your situation and help you however we can.

Can we join the class after it has started?

Obviously, the ideal situation is for students to start at the beginning of the class session and follow our curriculum from start to finish.  BUT, that is not always possible.  For whatever reason, students sometimes join the course in the middle.  We will do all we can to help them catch up and be successful.  We can schedule make-up classes for key sessions that they absolutely need to have in order for success.