Kevin is a successful businessman who entered the SAT Prep world because of his own kids. He helped his son raise his score by well over 400 points and can help you, too. Kevin designed this program and has been teaching it for over 10 years now. He has taught this course with millions of students (well maybe not millions, but tons, anyway) and knows all facets of the SAT intimately. Kevin is a CFO/CPA and business consultant by trade, and is active with international business transactions. He loves teaching all aspects of the SAT and is an expert in teaching his students how to improve every aspect of their SAT score.


Numerous students have been coached to reach perfect scores on the exam, with a student in a recent session increasing his SAT score by 600 points!!!

C: 509.995.2433

Kevin Nichols

Southside/Northside Instructor and Overall SAT Guru

We teach our classes on Spokane's Southside

and Northside this session!!! 

Meet Our Instructors

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Spokane SAT Prep serves North and South Spokane to help you be successful on the SAT. We offer intensive classes that provide individual attention and our instructors will help students develop critical-thinking skills, specific test-taking strategies, and also provide plenty of experience answering questions taken straight from the SAT. If you need to improve your SAT scores, we can help.

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