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Spokane SAT Prep serves North and South Spokane to help you be successful on the SAT. We offer intensive classes that provide individual attention and our instructors will help students develop critical-thinking skills, specific test-taking strategies, and also provide plenty of experience answering questions taken straight from the SAT. If you need to improve your SAT scores, we can help.

Copyright 2013 Spokane SAT Prep

Winter/Spring 2020 Session Starts February 17th,
Get Signed Up NOW!!!
Prepare for the May and June SAT Exams​!!!
Classroom Sessions: 
  • Classes are held on Monday and Tuesday, from mid-February thru May. Please call Kevin @ 995-2433.
  • Students will attend only one night per week, Monday or Tuesday.
  • YES, we have a Northside class this session!!!   
  • Classes run PROMPTLY from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.
Saturday Practice Tests:
  • Start mid-February
  • Run from 9 to approx. 12:30 on select Saturdays
  • Official SAT exams are May 2 and June 6

  • You pay only for classes and tests you attend.
  • Class costs are $70 for each of the weekly classes and $50 for each of the Saturday practice exams. At the end of each month, statements are mailed out showing actual class attendance and related costs. Preferred payment is by way of check.
  • If you are unable to attend the test on a Saturday, we can arrange for you to take it independently. We will score and analyze it. (same fee)
  • There is a one-time book/materials fee of $95.
  • We require a $250 deposit be submitted at the time of actual enrollment. This deposit will then be offset by actual class costs once the session begins.
Need more information?
For South/North: Please call/text Kevin Nichols at 509-995-2433, or email us at KTNix@aol.com.
We know students are busy and will do everything we can to accommodate and adjust. Please let us know how we can help.